Wild Bird Wheat Free Mix

Cut Maize, White Millet, Red Millet, Canary Seed, Safflower, Niger, Linseed, Oats, Hemp, Sunflower Hearts, Black Sunflower, Cut Peas,

Wild Bird Supreme Mix

A perennial all-round favourite because of its suitability for many species...

Wild Bird Seed & Grain Mix

A mixture of seeds, grains and peanuts. Popular for use with refillable feeders.

Wild Bird No Mess Mix

A special high energy, no-husk mix of

Wild Bird Deluxe Mix 20kg

A mix similar to the Supreme Wild Bird Mix but...

Versele-Laga Fat Balls Small Bucket x50

Versele-Laga fat balls are made with a mixture of pure beef fat, seeds, and pieces of nuts.

Verm-X Garden & Wild Birds 180gm

The award winning organic herbal formulation attracts birds and offers a safe and natural way to address intestinal hygiene control and

Sunflower Seeds (Medium) 12.75kg

Satisfies the appetites of many species...

Sunflower Seed (Small) 12.75kg

Satisfies the appetites of many species...

Sunflower Seed - Black

A popular wild bird feed because the black seed has the thinnest skin...

Sunflower Hearts

A no mess, zero waste alternative to black sunflower and a very popular alternative to peanuts...

Suet To Go Suet Pellets High Energy 3kg

A nutritious blend of premium grade high energy fats and oils, with added dried Meal Worms.


Rich in proteins and oils, they are very popular with many wild animals especially wild birds.

Niger Seed

The seed of the thistle and is a favourite of the Goldfinch. This must be fed through a seed feeder.

Bird Cakes 300g

Copdock Mill's premium wild bird cakes