Equivite Body Builder

A concentrated conditioning pellet, that can make a visible difference in as little as 2 weeks.

Equivite Original Supplement

Complete multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to actively maintain health.

Lincoln Cod Liver Oil

Supplementing the diet with Lincoln Cod Liver Oil will offer positive health benefits both inside and out.

Lincoln Garlic Powder

100% Pure garlic goodness as a powder.

Lincoln Seaweed Powder 1.5kg

A natural source of a wide range of macro and micro nutrients and vitamins.

Nobute 1 Litre

Particularly useful for horses that have suffered from joint discomfort.

Stable Zone Disinfectant 5kg

Absorbs and eliminates ammonia and other noxious gases, reduces dampness in bedding materials and destroys the conditions in which

Super Codlivine Complete Supplement

Formulated to provide the correct balance of vitamins and minerals with added cod liver oil to promote overall condition.

Super Codlivine Crunchies Horse Treats

Provides a super tasty treat plus, with some essential vitamins they are the healthy, natural way to reward your horse or pony.

Super Codlivine Supple Joint Supplement 2.5kg

Formulated to meet the needs of older horses and ponies, helping them maintain all round condition and suppleness.

Super Solvitax Cod Liver Oil

High in energy and polyunsaturates and when used regularly, it helps maintain a healthy active life.

Super Solvitax R&A Formula

Super Solvitax RA is pure Cod Liver Oil refined to the highest standards.

Verm-X for Horses

As well as parasitic-controlling herbs there are herbs for blood cleansing and others for gut maintenance.