Smartbedz Universal Bedding & Litter Straw Pellets

The SmartBedz natural straw pellet is ideal for your pet...

SCA Multimilk 5kg

A multi-purpose milk replacer for all young animals.

Fancy Feeds Goat Mix

Appetising fully balanced mix for goats of all types and ages.

A&P All Round Goat Mix 20kg

Suitable for all mature goats including pets, fibre goats and Golden Guernseys.

A&P Breeder/Grower Rabbit Pellets 20kg

Suitable for feeding from weaning through to adulthood, and to the pregnant doe.

A&P Cattle & Calf Mix 20kg

Highly palatable mix suitable from weaning onwards. Made from only the highest quality ingredients.

A&P Dry Goat Mix 20kg

An unmolassed high energy mix, suitable for goats of all ages, goats in the later stages of pregnancy and breeding billies.

A&P Herbal Goat Mix 20kg

A herbal mix with alfalfa, which has been found to be particularly suited to Pygmy goats, shy feeders and goats under stress.

A&P Lamb Finisher 20kg

For use later in the season as a feed to improve the finish on late season lambs when forage is in short supply.

A&P Pot Bellied Pig Cubes 20kg

Specially formulated to avoid obesity. Suitable for Kune Kunes and all pet pigs.

A&P Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg

Higher fibre levels and dried fruit and vegetables mimic the goat's natural diet as closely as possible.

A&P Sheep Mix 20kg

A maintenance diet and is suitable for ewes and rams, as well as for lambs from 5 weeks onwards.